Sump Pumps

Heavy rain got you frustrated? Do you have standing water in your basement? Fearing the inevitable flood run off will enter your home?

sump pump proMark Twain once said of weather in the Midwest, “If you don’t like the weather today, stick around.” Midwest weather is always hard to predict so don’t leave yourself unprotected if the rain just wont stop. The Plumbing Pro suggests you install sump pump before the rain starts.  The Plumbing Pro is fully equipped and capable of repairing or replacing your current sump pump to keep your home dry during those cloudy, rainy days. You can prevent unwanted water damage simply by adding a new sump pump that will work while you are away or sleep preventing rain water run-off from entering your home.

We do it all.  We Install, Repair & Test Sumps.

Our process is to create adequate excavation for the sump basin, using a perforated basin and the pump surrounded with filter cloth and aggregate rock, and installing the discharge piping to an appropriate location. When the water level inside the basin rises, the pump automatically is activated and begins pumping the water through the discharge pipe to prevent “pooling”. Depending on the circumstances, we may determine that the best location for the pump is on the exterior of the foundation.

Do you already have an electric sump pump system? Is the pump functioning properly?

An annual routine inspection of your sump pump system will help prevent failure. The Plumbing Pro will be happy to check your system to ensure proper operation. If you already have a sump pump then do the maintenance required call the pros to take a look and tune up your system.

We offer HASSLE-FREE ESTIMATES on most plumbing projects including sump pump repair and installation.  Call 816-912-4266 for more information.