Real Estate Sewer Inspection

Customized Real Estate Plumbing Inspection

sewer inspectionsThinking of buying a home? You should call TheProsKC to do a complete home plumbing inspection. We can check the pipes, water heater and sewer. Ask about it today. Call The Pros Today 816-912-4266

We’ve been serving residential and commercial property owners since 1978. Most importantly, we have inspected, repaired and replaced thousands of plumbing systems and sewer lines over the years. When you want a truthful plumber in your corner – you’d better call The Pros.

Real Estate Sewer Pipe Inspections

We will share with you of the condition of your sewer pipes and even create a plan to repair or replace them if needed. This information is critical and can inform the decision-making process. Even more importantly you don’t want to buy a lemon.